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Grading Standards

Banknote Certification Service has three main grading standard categorires that we grade our notes by. They include the following: The "UNC" grades, The "Circulated" grades, and "Special Consideration" grades. Each grading standard has its own set of grades which you can view by clicking the links in the table below.

The "UNC" Grades The "Circulated" Grades Special Considerations
"Perfect UNC" - 68 "AU-50 / AU-55/AU-58" Pressing
"GEM UNC" - 65/66/67 "EF-45 / EF-40" Error Notes
"Choice UNC" - 62/63/64 "VF-35/VF-30 / VF-25 / VF-20" Damage
"UNC" - 60 "F18/F-15 / F-12" Special Serial Numbers
  "VG-10 / VG-8"  
  "G-6 / G-4"  
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