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Our Methods

The mission of BCS is to cultivate and maintain assurance and confidence in the paper money market. An advantage to both buyer and seller, this greater stability in the industry will further the enjoyment of the hobby for generations to come. Through the preservation of both the paper money and the standards through which it is assessed, there will be a greater assurance for both buyers and sellers, allowing the industry to stedilly proceed.

In order to pursue this cause BCS is committed to conducting our business in a professional, principled and responsible manner. When a note is sent into BCS, it undergoes a chain of procedures designed to ensure a secure, accurate, and unbiased assessment.

Several measures have been taken to ensure the security of your bank notes when they are submitted for certification. For any note submitted, we require that it arrives in some form of protective sleeve. It will remain in that protective sleeve until it is assessed. At that time is it carefully drawn from its holder and placed and sealed in our protective sleeve for long term storage. The notes are locked in a safe whenever not in the certification process. If the returning method is by courier, it is shipped in an insured, signature required package. We understand and appreciate the value that you hold in your banknotes and take every precaution to maintain their security.

To ensure accuracy and administrative efficiency, all notes are assigned a certification number as soon as they are received. This certification number is unique to your note and acts as a security device to avoid counterfeit certifications. The number can be searched and compared in our online database, a comprehensive list of all notes that have been certified along with their vital information.

After the receipt of the note, it awaits certification on a first in-first out basis. During certification, it undergoes a check-list of rigorous visual assessment, under a controlled environment by a professionally trained certifier. To help ensure an unbiased assessment, the certifier is blinded to the market value of the note. When grading a note, the only information other then the note that the certifier is privy to is the unique certification number, and that is only to ensure administrative accuracy. To BCS, the only relevant information when certifying a note is the note itself.


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