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Paper money collecting is a pursuit for the finely tuned. With the multitude of considerations that must be taken into account when assessing a note, it is easy for the untrained or rushed eye to miss key elements of the hobby. Evolving grading standards can leave some collectors behind. Discrepancies between grading can prevent many collectors and dealers from making desired transactions.

Because of these and many more convoluting factors hindering the enjoyment of this wonderful endeavour, paper money collecting is in need of a solid system of third party verification. An unbiased and professional third party assessment of a banknote will preserve standards in the industry, take the guess work out of grading a banknote, and through this, provide assurance for both the buyer and seller. BCS is poised to provide all of this and more.

Banknote Certification Service is a company whose interests lie with the integrity of the paper money collecting industry. We understand and appreciate the fine details of this hobby. As a result, we preserve as our primary goal to cultivate and maintain high professional standards. Although our main enterprise is certifying banknotes, through this we provide an assurance for both the buyer and seller in an industry fraught with uncertainty.

Our certifying staff have years of experience as both buyers and appraisers working for large numismatic firms. It is a lengthy training and testing process to become a certifier at BCS, despite the initial selection process as an industry leader. It is the combination of this knowledge and experience in the field and devotion to a lofty set of professional principles that make us the ideal choice for a third party certification.

Since industry trust is the foundation of our success, you can rest assured that we will never stray from our devotion to integrity. At BCS, we certify banknotes; a certification derived from a vast base of knowledge and experience; a certification based on accuracy, consistency, and professionalism; a certification by a truly unbiased third party. We do not sell an opinion. The difference between these two statements is the basis for the industry’s trust in BCS.

We invite you to browse the rest of our website and find out more about what BCS has to offer. When you decide to make the investment and certify your notes with BCS, be sure to take advantage of our introductory offer.

Steven Bell
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